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About Bank On Yourself

Bank On Yourself and Take Back Control of Your Money!

Bank On Yourself is a wealth-building strategy that has survived and even thrived during every period of economic boom and bust for more than 160 years.

Whether interest rates were high or low. During bull markets and crashes. Even during the Great Depression. Housing market that’s tanked or steaming hot. Dow up or Dow down. It’s NEVER had a losing year in over 160 Years!

Learn more about this asset that has increased in value every year for more than 160 years.

It lets you bypass Wall Street, beat the banks at their own game, and—finally—take control of your own financial future. It can help almost anyone—regardless of age, income, or financial sophistication—reach their financial goals without losing sleep.

Whatever’s going on, there is a way to secure your family’s future, without being at the mercy of the economic climate that swirls around you, and without relying on banks and Wall Street.

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Explore the Many Benefits of Bank On Yourself…

There are many ways that Bank On Yourself can be used to improve your financial life. Here are just a few as featured in New York Times best-selling author Pamela Yellen’s brand new book (to be published on Feb. 11, 2014), The Bank On Yourself Revolution: Fire Your Banker, Bypass Wall Street, and Take Control of Your Financial Future: